Important information

  • Each passenger, except for children under 2 years old, has the right to carry free baggage according to the standards of service established by the airlines.
  • Children traveling in separate booked places can carry the same amount of hand luggage and checked baggage as adult passengers.
  • The amount of free baggage allowance depends on the aircraft type, flight destination and class of service. We strongly recommend clarifying the rules for carrying hand luggage at airlines flying on your route on the sites of these airlines.
  • The norm of free transportation does not apply to a number of items: musical instruments (they are transported in the cabin by a separate ticket) and animals. Transportation of this excess baggage is paid according to the rules of application of tariffs, regardless of other things carried as baggage and hand luggage.
  • Dimensions of baggage are indicated with regard to the size of the handles and wheels.
  • The passenger is responsible for unregistered things.
  • The baggage tag is issued to the passenger as confirmation that the checked baggage is accepted for transportation.
  • The baggage must be securely closed so that it does not open during the flight